These wireframes were the basis for the logic and process of the application. They gave direction for how I wanted the app laid out to provide a streamlined process for the user.  
Once the user logs into the app, it will then process the user's profile. The profile will then have a search engine that allows you to find parking where you are needing it. There is also a button that allows the app to see where your current loction is and will find you the best available parking around you. 
When the user clicks on the icon "$" on the bottom navigation it will then pop up the screen that says "Let's find you a parking spot!" Once you get of the screen, it will then give you the option to choose between a parking garage or commuter parking lot. With the example below, the user clicked the parking garage button which brought them to the next screen that allows you to put your location so the app can find spots around your current location. 
When putting your location it will then proceed to show you a map of the area and show you price ranges of the parking garages. When you find a parking garage that is in your price range you will then proceed to payment. After the payment is completed, you will then receive a QR code that allows you to scan at the ticket booth. It will also show you where your reserved spot is and how much time remains on your reservation and allows for extending as well.
When the user is trying to find a parking spot around their current location it will proceed to have a pop up that shows you how many spots are available in the garages near your location. Once the user clicks on the garage that is best suitable for the user it will then give the user more information about the certain garage. 
In the next screen it will tell you information about the address of the garage, how many spots are available with a certain time frame and then it also allows you to book a parking spot. If you choose to get directions on the certain parking spot it will then give you directions on how to get there from your current location. 
If the user is wanting to see where their certain spot is in the parking garage you will then go to your ticket icon at the bottom navigation and on that screen at the bottom it will say "Find Parking Spot" when you click on it will then bring up a map of the garage. 
In the map it will tell you what floor your spot is at and it will give you a map that shows you what is available, not available, reserved and your spot. It will show you the entrance and how to get to the parking spot. The map is also color coded that way it is easier for the user to find their spot while they are driving. 
You can pay on the app for easy access to the parking garage/lot. When the user finds the garage/lot they want, it will say "Book Now", once you click on that button, it will then take you to the payment portion of the app. On the payment screen it will show the hours you want to be parked and it will have your saved payment options that the user has used in the past. Once you click on the hours you want and what payment method you will be using you will then be prompted a QR code.
The QR code will allow you to scan it at the ticket booth and it will show you what your spot it and where it is at. Once you scan the QR code, it will then start the timer of your spot, once you get closer to losing your time it will then notify you that your time is running out. If the user needs more time in that parking spot you will have the option of extending your time.

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